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Christian Serwold

(206) 305-1120

Being surrounded by creative friends and family I grew up making, taking, and acting in all sorts of videos. It wasn't until highschool that I really got my start in photography. Playing on one of Seattle’s top soccer teams, I got the opportunity to travel all over the U.S. to play in tournaments. I brought my dad's camera and started taking landscape photos of the sights we would see while traveling. Noticing that I really liked some of the photos I was taking, I fed off of the self gratification of taking successful photographs. After my senior year at O’Dea High School I decided to move from Seattle to Bellingham and attend Western Washington University. I knew a couple people going to Western and one of them happened to be Nick! Immediately we decided to be freshman year roommates which ultimately turned into an awesome three years. Nick and I pushed each other creatively to get out of our comfort zones, explore this new part of the world and capture its beauty. 

At Western I earned two bachelor degrees, one in Studio Art with an emphasis in Photography and a bachelor degree. I also got the opportunity to travel with 2 of my art professors and 10 other students to New York City where we were immersed in so much variety of art and museums. During my time there I photographed everything and curated my favorite shots from the trip in an exhibition at the Western Gallery. 

After Nick’s stint as the athletic photographer for WWU he was happy to recommend and train me as his replacement! Joining the WWU Athletics creative team was the best college job I could have dreamed of. Combining two passions of sports and photography had my cup overflowing, and I spent three and a half years shooting, cheering, and breathing WWU athletics!

Aside from shooting sports, I really enjoy portrait Photography. Being able to meet new people, understand them, and capture the way they want to be seen is truly beautiful. My portrait work earned me the opportunity to shoot weddings which gave me optimism about a future career as a professional photographer. That optimism has brought me full circle back with two of my close friends Nick and Nona. I am ecstatic to be a part of the team here at Bellingham Media Group! I can't wait to push myself and capture your future homes, your beautiful family, your big day, or whatever project you throw our way!

Christian Serwold
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