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Frequently Asked Questions

​What does a "Ready to Shoot" home look like?

  • The home should have no cars in the drive way.

  • Exteriors should be tidy with trash receptacles put away. 

  • The home should be in the state that you want it shot in, prior to the appointment. Clean and clear of clutter or any items not wanting to be photographed, if homeowners want personal photos down, please do so. For exterior shots, trash cans, gardening equipment, etc. put away.

  • Toilet seats should be placed down.

  • All lights should be turned on (but this can be a personal preference). For astro and sunset, all lights must be turned on.

  • There should not be other appointments happening during the shoot. Including but not limited to: painters, contractors, landscapers, cleaners, showings or anything that may interfere with the photographer process and delay the appointment.

  • Back gates/access points to yards should be unlocked and accessible. 

  • Pet waste should be picked up in areas photographer may need to go through. 

When will I receive my images? 

  • All images are sent via a google drive link.

  • Real Estate images are turned around in 24 hours, video 48 hours, narrated video 72 hours..

  • Portraits are turned around within 1-2 weeks, with the exception of weddings being 4 weeks.

  • Commercial work is turned around in 1 week.

I have my link, now what?

  • Click on the link, click on the folder name and select download. ​

  • Once you have chosen where the folder will download, right click on the folder and hit extract. A new window will appear with the "Full" and "MLS"/"Web" folder. 

What is the difference between "Full" and "MlS'/"Web"?

  • We provide two differently sized folders. The "Full" folder is the highest quality of the photos and can be used for print marketing. ​For Portraits, the full size is best for prints.

  • The "MLS" folder is a lower quality version which is accepted into the MLS along with any other sites that require smaller file sizes. "Web" sizing is the same as MLS and best for images to be shared online for quick loading. 

What is the "shared" copyright/licensing?

  • RE images are subject to a shared copyright by default. This means Bellingham Media Group will retain all rights to images. 

  • Images for RE may be used to market and advertise the home. 

  • Images for RE may NOT be used for digital or print sales, commercial redistribution or anything else that may proceed to incur value directly off of the photographs after the sale of the home. 

  • Images may be featured in magazines, articles, or other online or print publications (that are not directly marketing the sale of the home) as long as photo credit is given to Bellingham Media Group. 

What if I want the full rights to the images?

  • All RE images can be relicensed to full rights for use in online or print sales, commercial use or any other value incurred by the photographs. 

What is "retouching"?

  • Retouching can include a variety of different editing styles to the portrait. It can include altering the body or face to your liking, making your eyes pop more, whiten teeth, get rid of stray hairs, fixing snags in clothing, making your freckles or other distinguishing features stand out, getting rid of pimples, changing the color of a piece of clothing etc.

  • It can also include altering the scenery of the image: sky swaps, swapping the background, removing excessive leaves, etc. 

  • No retouching will be done to images without permission of the client. 

  • Retouching can be as heavily or lightly done as you would like. 

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