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Nick Sadigh

(206) 380-6337

I first got interested in photography as a teenager. I quickly fell in love with the creative outlet I got from seeing the world through a lens. I attended O'Dea High School in Seattle, where I was immersed in a photographic wonderland. While at O'Dea, I became the school photographer. By graduation, I had become an Adobe recognized finalist with my work showcased at the Seattle Art Museum. I went on to have my first commercial client, Taco Time NW and continued my love of sports photography with the non-profit Seattle Derby Brats. I attended Western Washington University and became the University's athletic photographer, the Bellingham Roller Betties photographer, Photo Editor for the Western Front and a photographer for a local studio. I have had several of my roller derby photos posted in local Bellingham papers and magazines.

My career has focused on creativity, with both outside the box lighting and compositions. My skillset shines in portrait, product and real estate photography. Being a journalism major, I like to connect with my subject and tell a story through my photographs.

When not out taking pictures, I'm with Nona, who I've dated longer than I've had a camera. We love to spend time with our dogs, Penny and Josie, exploring the beautiful PNW or at Mt. Baker.

None of this could have happened without so many supportive people in my life. One of my favorite teachers growing up, Pat Tsagalakis, was the one who first put a camera in my hands. While still in middle school, my grandma sent me to a photography camp at the Columbia Gorge. There I met Chuck File and Garret Suhrie, two photographers who inspired my creativity, love for the art and made me the photographer I am today. At O'Dea, David Olinger was an inspirational teacher who taught me photoshop and editing techniques and encouraged me to pursue more on my own. And of course my loving soon-to-be wife, Nona Larson.

Thank you to everyone else who has supported me through this adventure.

Nick Sadigh
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