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Nona Sadigh

(206) 280-6770

My passion for photography started out with my first Polaroid camera. I always loved capturing the candid moments shared in my life with it. While in high school I took photography courses. Much to my lack of surprise, I ended up learning more from Nick when he would help me with assignments more than I did in class.

I majored in Psychology from Western Washington University. Psychology has allowed me to interact differently with the world. Part of what made me want to go into Psychology was being able to allow people to be heard and seen.

With that, I am a very colorful person and often hard to miss. I rotate through all the colors of the rainbow for my hair and am always dressed in bright colors or prints. Finding the brightness and creativity in life is such a difficult thing, as such, I am heavily inspired by the dopamine dressing genre of fashion. I am not a person that will fit into most peoples' boxes of what is to be expected and strive to challenge the norm in much of what I do in life. I have been playing roller derby in the PNW for over a decade. My skate home is now the Bellingham Roller Betties where you will find me skating under the name Princess Rainbow Sparkle. Being a part of the Betties has allowed me a home to flourish into the person that I always saw myself as.

When I started working with Nick, I finally found my creative passion able to come to life. I feel very fortunate that we work extremely well together. I am constantly able to learn and push myself beyond my comfort levels within photography. I am a very social person and getting to meet so many different people with varying creative visions is a dream. I love working with clients to make their ideas a reality. While I am heavily inspired by brightness and color, I am energized by new creative directions.

What makes Nick and I unique is that we are able to adapt to the situation that we are working within. While we both have our creative passions and talents, we are heavily focused on communicating with clients to capture their project accurately. We are always happy to provide creative input, but being comfortable in your photoshoot and doing what you want is vastly more important. I look forward to working with you!

Nona Sadigh
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